2018 Tournament Tryout Information

Please click the link below to access the document that explains the 2018 Tournament Team Tryout process:

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Board of Directors

Name Email Phone
President Tom McWilliams TomMcWilliams@RWLL.org
Treasurer Scott Miltenberger ScottMiltenberger@RWLL.org 267-205-1249
Secretary Emily Remphrey EmilyRemphrey@RWLL.org 610-209-3304
Medical Officer Dave Zaslow DaveZaslow@RWLL.org
Board Members
Julie Hartman JulieHartman@RWLL.org 610-710-9574
Dave McGrath DaveMcGrath@RWLL.org 610-688-3589
Bob Miccolis BobMiccolis@RWLL.org
Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org


Commissioner Dave McGrath DaveMcGrath@RWLL.org  610-688-3589
6U Director Tara Steinhauer
8U Pony Director Jannie Lau
10U Minors Director Beth McWilliams
12U Majors Director Greg Lingo


Commissioner Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
T Ball Director Domenic Forti
T Shirt Director Robert Balch RobertBalch@RWLL.org  610-774-0317
Rookie Director Jerry Van Horn JerryVanHorn@RWLL.org
INTL Director David Engstrom DavidEngstrom@RWLL.org
Minors Director Gary Havertine GaryHavertine@RWLL.or 484-432-5676
Asst Minors Director Jarrod Quigley JarrodQuigley@RWLL.org
Majors Director Dan Dilella DanDilella@RWLL.org
Majors Director Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Juniors/Seniors Director Stephen Gutsche StephenGutsche@RWLL.org
Juniors/Seniors Director Lori Moffa LoriMoffa@RWLL.org
Umpires--MJ & MI Matt Szychulski MatthewSzychulski@RWLL.org
Umpires--INTL Jarrod Quigley JarrodQuigley@RWLL.org
Scheduling Director Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Player Agent Emily Remphrey EmilyRemphrey@RWLL.org 610-209-3304
Field Coordinator Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Equipment & Uniform Directors Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Jerry Van Horn JerryVanHorn@RWLL.org
Facilities/Maintenance Director Kari Kohn
Technology Director Julie Hartman JulieHartman@RWLL.org 610-710-9574
Registrar Emily Remphrey EmilyRemphrey@RWLL.org 610-209-3304
Encke Snack Bar Director Julie Hartman JulieHartman@RWLL.org 610-710-9574