About Us

Radnor Wayne Little League

Radnor Wayne Little League (RWLL) has been serving our local community since 1952. We are chartered by Little League International, the world’s largest organized youth sports program. As part of Little League International, RWLL is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the young people of Radnor Township the value of hard work, teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship through participation in baseball and softball.

We are proud to serve our local families, and RWLL is an active member of our community. If you are a resident of Radnor Township with a son or daughter aged 5 or older, we invite you to join us soon on a ball field near you!

Board of Directors

Name Email Phone
President Tom McWilliams TomMcWilliams@RWLL.org
Treasurer Scott Miltenberger ScottMiltenberger@RWLL.org 267-205-1249
Secretary Emily Remphrey EmilyRemphrey@RWLL.org 610-209-3304
Medical Officer Dave Zaslow DaveZaslow@RWLL.org
Board Members
Julie Hartman JulieHartman@RWLL.org 610-710-9574
Dave McGrath DaveMcGrath@RWLL.org 610-688-3589
Bob Miccolis BobMiccolis@RWLL.org
Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org


Commissioner Dave McGrath DaveMcGrath@RWLL.org  610-688-3589
6U Director Tara Steinhauer
8U Pony Director Jannie Lau
10U Minors Director Beth McWilliams
12U Majors Director Greg Lingo


Commissioner Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
T Ball Director Domenic Forti
T Shirt Director Robert Balch RobertBalch@RWLL.org  610-774-0317
Rookie Director Jerry Van Horn JerryVanHorn@RWLL.org
INTL Director David Engstrom DavidEngstrom@RWLL.org
Minors Director Gary Havertine GaryHavertine@RWLL.or 484-432-5676
Asst Minors Director Jarrod Quigley JarrodQuigley@RWLL.org
Majors Director Dan Dilella DanDilella@RWLL.org
Majors Director Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Juniors/Seniors Director Stephen Gutsche StephenGutsche@RWLL.org
Juniors/Seniors Director Lori Moffa LoriMoffa@RWLL.org
Umpires--MJ & MI Matt Szychulski MatthewSzychulski@RWLL.org
Umpires--INTL Jarrod Quigley JarrodQuigley@RWLL.org
Scheduling Director Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Player Agent Emily Remphrey EmilyRemphrey@RWLL.org 610-209-3304
Field Coordinator Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Equipment & Uniform Directors Kent Silvers KentSilvers@RWLL.org
Jerry Van Horn JerryVanHorn@RWLL.org
Facilities/Maintenance Director Kari Kohn
Technology Director Julie Hartman JulieHartman@RWLL.org 610-710-9574
Registrar Emily Remphrey EmilyRemphrey@RWLL.org 610-209-3304
Encke Snack Bar Director Julie Hartman JulieHartman@RWLL.org 610-710-9574